rassegna stampa Cersaie 2018

Press Review
Cersaie 2018

There are many articles published on blogs and press in the last few months about Tonalite. Here is the review of the months after the Cersaie 2018 with the new trends and news of 2019 of better online magazines and blogs.

Arbit - Casa Parioli

The whole design of the apartment centres around a delicate balance between ancient and modern, which we wanted to highlight in every room. In the kitchen we used hexagonal ceramic tiles, combined with modern lacquered furniture, to give a retro feel.
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Nuova Edil Milano Dinnoo - Mirò

The bar is located on one of the most important and busiest streets in the world, Corso Buenos Aires in Milan, and had to attract attention! There was no better choice than a black and white chessboard with pure, iridescent colours.
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