Ideas and inspirations for modern living

In these months spent at home you have fully experienced the spaces of your home and perhaps you felt like enhancing it to make it more welcoming and pleasant.

Playing with colours and coverings can be the perfect choice to renovate your home and give character to your living room. The space where we often spend most of our days can lend itself to multiple destinations, especially if like some of us you will continue to work from home or want to make your stay more welcoming to receive friends.


It is the first space that welcomes those who enter: it can be an important place of passage or an integral part of the living room itself.


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Creating patterns through the coverings makes the walls full of character. The choice of contrasting colours or sophisticated poses enhances the style and furnishings.


Corners and small spaces

Touch of colour and backstage allow you to identify and highlight different areas in the living area: we can create a breakfast corner, or a small space dedicated to relaxation or smart working. Neutral tones and a few design objects define areas with different functions and will enrich the environment.




Colours and design

If the white wall seems monotonous to you, you can choose to light them with poses full of colour.



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And if you don’t want to make the right choice, you can rely on the timeless pastel shades, with glossy or matt finishes. Surely choosing the right palette will enhance every detail of your living room.



Wallpaper effect

The choice to lay the cladding on the whole wall is certainly one of the most current, you will get a wallpaper effect that will create a decisive break with the other walls enhancing the volumes of the rooms. A choice of sure effect. By focusing on solid colours and well-balanced tones you will give the room character and personality.



Loft style

If the design of your living room is already well defined you could enhance it with a brick pose with glossy strips in neutral and always up-to-date tones or play with shapes and a matt effect with an open pose that creates a line with an irregular design on the wall. Choices that will certainly not go unnoticed.



If these ideas have inspired you, go and discover all our collections and we are sure you will find the perfect colour and shape for your living room.

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