Breaking out of the box: the trapezoid

The Trapez collection has a dual soul: one glossy, and one matt. But the most distinctive feature of the series (which we have already discussed here) is definitely its original shape: an isosceles trapezoid, a shape with a clear central symmetry and an inclination of the short sides permitting creation of a great variety of laying patterns, such as these.


Geometric schemes

The isosceles trapezoid might be viewed as half a hexagon, or a third of an equilateral triangle. If you find it hard to envisage this, take a look at these monochrome laying schemes, made up of pure lines.



Colour schemes

The Trapez collection includes 11 colours, all available with two finishes, matt and glossy, an element multiplying the possibilities for use of the series. Such a vast colour palette allows you to imagine laying schemes creatively combining this unusual shape with the moods created by colour.


A simple chequered carpet an become a walkway between the sink and the cooker.

Use of two colours underlines the hexagon shape while creating a highly evocative alternation of solids and hollows.


Whereas this bathroom offers a great example of the kind of laying schemes you can create with two or three colours.

In the backsplash of this kitchen, the geometry of the laying scheme is less important than the refined colour palette the designer has put together.


The illusion of three-dimensionality

Shapes and colours can be combined to create a pattern that appears three-dimensional, as in this flower shop.


Glossy/matt combinations

Combining two different surface finishes adds another aesthetic parameter to be used for decorative purposes, as in the bathrooms at the San Marino Outlet shopping centre.


Using grouting as an element of design

Another important tool for playing with form is grouting, which can stand out in the laying scheme and define the space.

Choose a tone-on-tone or contrasting colour to define the laying scheme and create a truly unique design.


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