• Tonalite tiles at WT Urban Café&Kitchen in Utrecht, Niederlands

    2016 Colour trends

    Tonalite green is the latest fashion!

    While checking this year’s latest trends, this is what we found: our green is the trendiest colour of 2016

  • Back to the 30’s

    Style and good taste in the kitchen: Ristorante Farroni’s kitchen.

    The art of designing and then creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere paying great attention to materials and finishes.

  • collezioni Tonalite per il redesign del ristorante Dolina Solnza a Mosca

    Bruno’s Corner and Dolina Solnza restaurant

    Two international projects made with Tonalite products: – the redesign of the prestigious Moscow restaurant Dolina Solnza , in which our Kraklé  products where used. – the redesign of a popular burger restaurant, Bruno’s Corner. Here are few pictures of the prestigious Dolina Solnza: The following are pictures of the  Bruno’s Corner: