Wasabi’s, a back counter in bottiglia color Kraklè

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  • Wasabi’s

    • Category: Sushi fashion restaurant
    • City: Catanzaro
    • Realization: 2018
    • Tonalite products used
      Tonalite Kraklè diamond Bottiglia 10×30 | back counter cladding



    Andrea Salvatore Riccelli
    ASR Architects

    Via Luigi Settembrini, 10 – Catanzaro
    Instagram @asriccelli_architects



    Il Metroquadro by Squillace



    Giuseppe Galatà
    Instagram @giuseppegalatavideografo



  • ASR Architects, based in Catanzaro, designs the residential, commercial and landscaping space from concept to on-site realisation, choosing functional, aesthetically unique solutions with a strong emotional impact. The choice of materials, their combination, the study of spatiality, lights and colours complete the picture of an all-round design, where the technical and aesthetic aspects are studied in parallel, giving the proposals the highest quality in terms of overall congruence, definition and attention to detail.


    What were your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    The project aimed at capturing the fusion essence of the restaurant, inspiring customers with a cladding that would recall the dual Japanese and Brazilian souls of the restaurant’s cuisine.

    What made you choose the Tonalite products?

    The dimensions and bright colours offered by Tonalite made it possible to realise the design idea in the best possible way.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    Green tiles, Bottiglia colors, from the Kraklè collection with a light joint were combined with a petrol green paint background and some shelves in the star tones, on which the colours of the bottles would stand out.



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