Optician’s shop in black

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  • Optician’s shop in black

      • Category: Optician’s shop
      • City: San Miniato (Pisa),
        Largo Don Pino Puglisi
      • Realization: 2020
      • Tonalite products used:
        10×30 Silk Ardesia wall tiles


    Marco Stacchini Architect,
    proprietor of MSPLUS Architettura,
    a studio in San Miniato (PISA)


    Mazzoni Studio di interni, San Miniato (PISA)

    Photo: Arch. Marco Stacchini,
    Arch. Chiara Tuccini

  • What were your goals in the choice of covering (or flooring) materials?

    The project reverses the colours of the cladding: not just white, but its opposite: black. One wall is covered entirely with glossy black tiles (Tonalite Silk), with contrasting colours and reflections setting off the “shelf drawers” that appear out of the wall as if by magic, lighting up to put the emphasis on the true key to the project: the eyewear. Horizontality underlined by the fuchsia colour of the grouting on the wall directs customers’ eyes toward a wallpapered surface providing a dramatic backdrop to the whole space, which is intentionally kept simple so that the parallel lines generated by the central ventilation ducts and the light tracks underline and accentuate the lines of perspective leading toward the wallpaper backdrop. A space featuring a few simple colours, warmed by the presence of natural wood, which emerges out of the strip below the technical drawers to generate the geometric block of the counter, as if by extrusion, coming back as the primary material in the horizontal surfaces of the tables. Dramatic tabletop lights complete the style of the shop, intentionally breaking with the classic image of the optician.

    Why did you choose Tonalite products?

    Because I was familiar with this product and had already used it in other projects, with excellent results.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    Glossy black Silk tiles in the 10×30 size, grouted with mapei fuchsia grout.

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