Maniboo, a beauty salon with Examatt

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  • Maniboo

      • Category: Nail spa
      • City:Forte dei Marmi
      • Realization: June 2022
      • Tonalite products used:
        Flooring with Examatt Exatarget 15×17.1 medium grey decor


    Studio 10 Architettura e Design



    Simona Bianchi – Valerio Caselli

  • Studio 10



    Studio10 is devoted to anthropocentric design, derived from uncommon thinking and common feeling, where the focus is to make people understand that better projects make for better lives. We want to add value through design, knowing that a good project has a unique power to soothe minds and spark happiness, while increasing the investment value.

    In 2007 architects Bianchi and Baccioni decided to establish a studio focused on emotional design. They chose to locate it in a former artist’s workshop, Studio n.10. From that moment their engineering experience has turned into a solid background for better focusing on the emotional and aesthetic aspects of design. The poetic vision of the studio is to continue moving towards the use of natural materials in projects. This direction is supported by an in progress research based on the notion of ‘natural living’, and on the longing to reconnect to space and to the naural and emotional resources that mankind has on hand.

    What were your goals in the choice of covering (or flooring) materials?

    The concept behind the Maniboo Nail spa is an extremely feminine one with a colour palette of pink, grey and white, with brass accents.

    Why did you choose Tonalite products?

    The medium grey Examatt tile with exatarget decoration was perfect for the project because it created a neutral background for the furniture elements while still offering dynamism and vibrancy for the floor. Its white edging and especially its hexagonal shape give the impression that the store is expanding in various directions.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    The tile interacts with the lamps, which are a distinctive element of the concept and also have a hexagonal shape.

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