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    • Category: Holiday house
    • City: Rimini
    • Realization: 2021
    • Tonalite products used:
      Arabesque in the kitchen and Examatt and Silk in the bathroom



    Paola Mazza e Mauro Morri

    Instagram @lamalatestina


    Cambielli Edilfriuli – Rimini


    Radio Bakery Comunicazione – Riccione


  • Paola Mazza e Mauro Morri


    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    When we started thinking and designing lamalatestina we wanted to create an environment that would welcome and amaze at the same time, that would give the idea of home and at the same time make you feel on vacation, in new and unexpected spaces. We were sure to keep the original terracotta floor and then we needed coatings that would complete and enhance it, continuing that plot made of classic and innovation that distinguishes the whole project.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    Tonalite products struck us for their contemporary aesthetic, with a strong reference to classic and traditional forms that we have admired in our many trips around the world, from Spain to New York, through Morocco, Vietnam and Cuba. In short, a mix of styles and textures that we found stimulating for the creation of our vacation home in the historic center of Rimini, overlooking the beautiful Castel Sismondo.

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    In the kitchen, we had fun mixing several colors of the Arabesque line to create a real mosaic wall, illuminated by two metal bells that descend on the worktop, which we kept minimal and functional. In the bathroom, on the other hand, the Examatt cement tiles created the basis for a highly polished wall of Silk tiles that ends with an explosion of flowers in wallpaper format. Playing with the coverings also helped us make asymmetrical, small spaces more interesting.

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