La città in salita

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  • La città in salita

      • Category: Private apartment 
      • City: Genoa
        neighbourhood Castelletto
      • Realization: 2018
      • Tonalite products used:
        10×30 Satin Pomice wall tiles


    Ministudio Architetti,
    Architects Ilaria Cargiolli +
    Barbara Bacigalupo
    via di Sottoripa 1 A – 32 , 16124 Genoa


    Villa Concept Store (F.lli Villa group)
    Via Polleri 5 R, 16125 Genoa

    Photo: Chiara Viada

  • Ministudio Architetti
    Architecture, interior design, lighting design and graphics workshop. Since 2013, the firm has mainly been operating in the field of interior renovation, meticulously managing every last tiny detail of every project, creating contemporary, custom-designed spaces with careful attention to their context and existing associations.
    Firm in the belief that space is first and foremost the stage where narratives and life play out, the proposed project is the result of a coherent overall architectural vision that is functional, yet tinged with irony, developed with constant communication with the client.

    What were your goals in the choice of covering (or flooring) materials?

    The apartment features characteristics typical of early 20th-century Genoese interiors, juxtaposed with the introduction of contemporary elements with formats and colours that hark back to more traditional styles. This was done with the precise aim of lightening the transformation of the building, not only in terms of space, but also in the textures and colours used.

    Why did you choose Tonalite products?

    For the kitchen backsplash, we ended up opting for Tonalite because it offered a format with a traditional brick-shaped dimension, but revisited with an attractively irregular matte finish, making it the ideal pairing for a modern, minimalistic kitchen in anthracite grey set against a typical Genoese terrazzo floor.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    We selected the Pomice colour from Tonalite’s Satin collection and arranged the tiles horizontally, offset by 1/3, to go with the contemporary kitchen’s back-painted anthracite grey glass cabinet doors. Ultimately, we opted to use a single shade of light grey to have it fit with the colour of the furnishings, the terrazzo floors and the black details.

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