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      Kraklè Bottiglia



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    Omodei Ceramiche


  • You can’t escape from certain things, sharing joy, thoughts, ideas, opportunities to be seized and satisfaction for both of you. That was the magnet that attracted two complete and eclectic figures. There are some things you can only say ‘yes’ to.
    The result was ARCHDECO’ – the merger between architect Nicola Donda and interior designer Francesca Vizzari.

    ARCHDECO’ – half pencil, half colour, half lines and half curves. A concentration of revenue stamps, building practices, tubes, electric wires and then shades of colour, materials, fabrics and light.
    Our team will accompany you on a different kind of journey, made up not only of choices on paper, but of face to face discussion, dialogue, research and in-depth questions. We will take you to the best showrooms for aesthetic choices and will guide you through the best artisans and yes, we create beautiful houses, stores and offices that are completely tailor-made.
    A little ARCH and a little DECO’, because that’s the way we like it.

    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    Decorating is a serious business, as I’ve tried to say many times. It’s really not enough just to put beautiful pieces together. You have to communicate and encapsulate. In this case the client wanted his customers to be surrounded by a casual but elegant atmosphere. He wanted the style to be suitable for very young clients, but also for families, groups of friends and romantic young couples. That was already a pretty tall order. This place could also become the format for a franchise and I said ‘God help me’! This is a place that in my opinion has to express all the flavour of its ingredients. It has to express the local area, the cheese and great traditional as well as reinterpreted recipes.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    I chose Tonalite products because the versatile ranges and wide choice of colours offered multiple possibilities of use, a fundamental aspect for us with our tailor-made projects.

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    Green + yellow + black & white. A touch of pink, a bit of grey and the dish is served. The green of mountain meadows, yellow of the sun and of grana cheese wheels as they age, a functional counter that I wanted to recall the large chopping boards and tiles of granny’s kitchen. Fabric benches and simple lighting. Long, black walnut wooden panelling, to recall a rustic chalet, but with the elegance of an urban touch. Large tiled walls to reflect all the shapes around and comfortable, functional seating. And then a nod to social networks with two really striking bathrooms, with reflecting tiles in every corner, for fun, psychedelic selfies. Months of research, design, acquisitions and sensations, a client with lots of partners, lots of minds to interpret and a single aim: creating a new place in town for fun socialising and great tastes. Now, the great taste is up to the chefs.

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