C|R House, the bold colours and material textures of the Stek series

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  • C|R House

      • Category:  Private House
      • City: Scafati (SA)
      • Realization: 2022
      • Tonalite products used:
         STEK  7×40 Color Acquamarina_Blu


    EF architect(s)

    Instagram @ef_architects


    Barbella New Generation di Castellammare di Stabia (NA)


    EF architect(s)


  • EF architect(s)

    An architecture and interior design studio that brings together three different personalities with a deep shared passion handed down from father to son. We are two distinct generations who have made diversity our strong point – the starting point. Our projects are “tailor-made creations” in which the spaces are shaped to the client’s specific lifestyle, promoting well-being. Each of our projects therefore always has a touch of customisation that makes it unique. We look after every design aspect, from the most macroscopic to the most hidden. From the concept to “turnkey” delivery, from preliminary design to the executive phase, from the choice of materials to the construction phase: absolutely nothing is left to chance.


    What were your goals in the choice of covering (or flooring) materials?

    A home layout designed and conceived to express the personal style of those who live there. Born from a sensory idea of living that develops visually thanks to the use of bold colours, enveloping surfaces and material textures that form the backdrop for a minimal design.

    As we were dealing with an attic bathroom, we needed to use a format that would allow us to create a multi-level game. Moreover, to lighten the space, a covering that was fresh and bright was essential.

    Why did you choose Tonalite products?

    The Tonalite Stek tiles fit perfectly with the concept of the bathroom project: a format with the right compromise between size, colour and reflections, whose linearity echoes the recessed LEDs used for the ceiling/wall lighting and which at the same time follows the shape of the roof pitch.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    We used the Stek 7×40 tiles in Aquamarine for the base, and in blue where a full-height covering was needed (for example in the shower area). These two colours, in contrast with the wood of the bathroom cabinet, were laid horizontally with the joint aligned.


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