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  • Corso 38

    • Category: Bed & Breakfast
    • City: Sorrento
    • Realization: 2019
    • Tonalite products used:
      Dark green Kraklè
      10×30 tiles for the bathroom of the green bedroom
      Blue Kraklè 10×30 tiles for the bathroom of the blue bedroom
      Pink Crayon 7.5×30 tiles for the bathroom of the pink bedroom
      Nature sky 10×40 tiles for the bathroom of the sky-blue bedroom



    Corso 38

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  • Corso38 was born in December 2019, from the idea of ​​Sofia and Noah and their three daughters: Imma, Francesca and Federica, who, faithful to the Sorrento tourist tradition, decided to transform their home into a Bed & breakfast.

    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    Our goal was to create spaces that responded to all the requirements of the clients in the Corso38 project, that would satisfy people with bold tastes who prefer warmer, stronger hues while at the same time pleasing people with refined, delicate tastes who prefer subtle pastel colours.
    And so, out of the 4 bedrooms, we designed 2 for the former type of client and 2 for the latter.
    Our intention was to achieve a harmonious final result in which the individual parts, that is, the bedrooms, would flow together into a single clean, almost minimal style, distinguished by its light and character.
    Each bedroom has an identity of its own, because it is the result of the design concept and style of each of us women at Corso38: myself, Sofia, the mother, and my three daughters: Imma, Francesca and Federica.
    At the same time, the bedrooms all magically blend together into a single style that perfectly suits the tastes of the whole family.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    We chose Tonalite products because they suit our idea of simplicity and originality at the same time, allowing us to choose a variety of colours ranging from soft pastel hues to bolder shades.
    On the basis of the Tonalite colours chosen to cover the walls of each bathroom, we then determined the colours and furnishings for all four bedrooms in Corso38.
    An all-female project that turned out to be a great success!

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    The style of the tiles we chose perfectly reflects the personality and tastes of each of the women at Corso38.
    I, the mother, Sofia, chose blue tiles from the Kraklé collection that remind me of our Tyrrhenian Sea, such a deep, intense blue, with an irregular surface texture like the wavy motion of the sea. I arranged the tiles all over the bathroom surface, the full height of the walls in the shower and hallway up the walls in the washbasin, toilet and bidet area, laid in a horizontal offset pattern. I used the same colour on the wall behind the bed and in the wardrobe niche in what is now called the “Blue Room”.
    My daughter Imma, who is creative and a dreamer, chose Sky tiles from the Nature collection because they remind her of the blue sky and the reassuring hues of a calm summer day on the coast.
    In this case, too, they were laid in the bathroom in the same way as in the Blue Room, and the colour is reflected on the wall behind the bed in what we call the “Sky-blue Room”.
    My daughter Francesca, who loves nature and greenery, chose dark green tiles from the Kraklé collection that contrast with the wood-effect flooring to create a cosy, reassuring atmosphere. It’s like being in a little shelter in a tropical forest, listening to the sound of the rain and the birds.
    The glossy tile adds light and creates an effect of wonder upon entering the room. The tiles are laid horizontally, halfway up the walls, and offset all over the bathroom walls, while they are laid in herringbone fashion all the way up the walls in the shower stall.
    Here too, in the Green Room, we combined them with a very warm “olive green” on the bedroom walls and picked up on the same colour in the furnishings.
    My daughter Federica, whose tastes are simple and refined, chose pink tiles from the Crayon collection because they add an elegant but bold touch to a bedroom with white walls.
    The pink bathroom with the white bedroom walls recalls a sugar-coated almond confection.
    The glossy tiles, which are laid in a herringbone pattern in the large shower enclosure only, add a touch of glamour to the entire room, softly wrapping around you as you enter the room like a silk dress hugging the curves of the body.

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