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Civico 50

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    • Category: Guesthouse
    • City: Napoli
    • Year of project: 2019
    • Tonalite products used:
      Crayon 30×7,5


    paolasolaarchitetto – Napoli


    D&D ceramiche di Angelo Gargiulo


    Dario Borruto fotografo


  • Paola Sola
    With my work I aim is to create bespoke projects, to achieve a harmony between the needs of the client and the fashion of the time. Each project shows attention to detail, and effectively combines looks and functionality. The end result is an interior architecture integrated with the furniture that fully optimises the space available.
    The careful study of the natural light and the way it expands in the rooms, the focus on the colour white and the prevalence of pure geometric lines offer a contemporary and unfading beauty.
    The client is supported at every stage, from the concept design to the furnishings, including the project-management of other companies and craftsmen who will apply the finishing touches to the project.

    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    The right combination of tradition and contemporaneity.
    The size and finish are reminiscent of tradition, reinterpreted in the laying and colour mix of today. The design intent in this small bathroom was to evoke the natural colours reminiscent of our Mediterranean style.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    Colours, finish and size suited the mood of the project.

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    I chose the water green, marine, grey and beige colours in different percentages to obtain a variegated, uneven effect.
    A laying for the unconventional type of tile

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