Casa L5

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  • Casa L5

    • Category: Apartment
    • City: Genova
    • Realization: 2018
    • Tonalite products used:
      • Examatt 15×17 nero/ decoro Exatarget


    Chiara Kielland Architetto



    Pattono 1882
    Via F. Casoni 46/r  Genova


  • Chiara Kielland Architect

    Despite the surname of Norwegian origin, I was born and raised in Genoa, the city where I still live with my family.In 2009 I graduated in Architecture and since then my working career has gone towards the free profession, passing through several collaborations with some professional studios.
    The constant contact with figures in the industry has given me the opportunity to create the right network of professionals, businesses and craftsmen. It’s only with a careful and accurate teamwork, in fact, that you can achieve extraordinary results. My days today are divided between life on the construction site and life as a mom. Both require the right amount of patience, attention and creativity.

    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    For this project, it was necessary to find a matte finish in line with the effect of the kitchen that was both aesthetically appealing but also practical and durable given the area of use.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    The hexagonal format and geometric texture are reminiscent of historical cement tiles, but the smaller size in glazed stoneware makes them more suitable for the type of use.

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    I chose black Examatt with white Exatarget decoration combined with black grout to give a greater effect of continuity between the tiles.

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