Eudemonia House with blue shades of Nuance and Exanuance

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  • Eudemonia House

    • Category: Residential Home
    • City: Rimini
    • Realization: 2021-22
    • Tonalite products used
      Entrance – NUANCE blu 7×28 ·
      Bathroom – EXANUANCE esagono, colors glicine latte e blu



    Margherita Foschi – Rimini
    website Margherita Foschi – Architetto, Interior Designer

    Instagram @margheritafoschiarchitetto



    Arkè Ambienti da vivere – SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA (RN)


    Riccardo Gallini



  • Margherita Foschi – Architect, Interior Designer

    “I design places to help people be happy in their homes, to find shelter, protection and above all where they can express themselves.” With a degree in Engineering and later in Architecture, I have been involved in architecture, design and interior design for years. I am a Feng Shui consultant and specialize in what I call “evolved design,” the spaces I create are aimed at people’s well-being and serenity”.


    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    I wanted to create an ‘unconventional environment, a bathroom suitable for the whole family, with a cheerful and playful spirit.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    They fit the mood of the project perfectly, not only in hues but also in feel.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    The entire color palette selected for this project included the use of bright and playful colors, and Tonalite made it possible to choose from a wide range of possibilities, starting with the entrance where a wooden console was created in which blue Nuance 7×28 tiles were drowned, while in the bathroom the choice fell on the Exanuance line of Tonalite, in blue, glicine and latte colors, a striking, dynamic and very elegant mix.



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