Bathroom and laundry room with hexagon tiles

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  • Bathroom and laundry with hexagon

    • Category: Residential Home
    • City: Chiavari (GE)
    • Realization: 2021
    • Tonalite products used
      Bathroom EXAMATT 15X15X17,1 Esagonale Bianco matt, Grigio chiaro matt, Nero matt, Grigio medio matt, Decoro mix bianco matt
      Laundry: Hexalingotti 14X16 Bianco, azzurro, ghiaccio e verdino



    Laura Mottola
    Architects in Chiavari (GE)

    Instagram Studio di Architettura Laura Mottola



    Architect Laura Mottola



  • Laura Mottola. Young architect with Studio in Chiavari (GE), specializing in interior renovation, with special interest in interior design and lighting design.
    “In the design process, I carefully study the needs and tastes of my clients to transform existing spaces into unique and welcoming environments, creating customized solutions that reflect their identity and lifestyle. Through interior design, I try to enhance the aesthetics of environments, combining functionality and beauty in each project. In addition, lighting design plays a key role in my work: lighting is a vital element in enhancing spaces, it also constitutes a decorative note and allows architectural details, artworks and design elements to be highlighted through the strategic and creative use of light.”
    Check out her work on her Instagram page Studio di Architettura Laura Mottola


    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    Satisfying an aesthetic factor is undoubtedly one of the main objectives when choosing a particular type of wall covering. The color, style and design should fit perfectly with the desired environment and concept. Another important goal is to select high quality and durable tiles, so that they maintain their beauty over time and can withstand wear and tear and daily cleaning. In addition, an excellent value for money is undoubtedly decisive in choosing a product.
    Last, but not least, is the “sustainability” factor: the adoption of eco-sustainable wall tiles, made from recyclable or low environmental impact materials, is increasingly relevant.
    In summary, when choosing a tile, it is important to balance aesthetics, functionality, budget, quality and sustainability, taking into account the specific needs of the project and personal preferences.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    My work allows me to play with materials, colors and furnishings to create unique and welcoming atmospheres: every detail counts, and care for the harmony and elegance of projects is always at the center of my attention. In particular, the choice of coverings, in environments of this kind, plays a fundamental role in the success of the work: it is essential to use materials of excellent quality, very high performance, original appearance and innovative and fresh design. These are the reasons why I chose Tonalite Examatt and Hexalingotti for my projects.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    I used Examatt 15x15x17.1 hexagonal in the colors white, light gray, black, gray medium, white mix decor for the bathroom and Hexalingotti 14×16 in the colors white, light blue, ice and verdino for the room used for laundry: in both cases I studied the pattern of laying interpreting the tastes and desires of the clients, with further design of the arrangement of the colors.



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