A blue bathroom in a blue house on Lake Como

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  • A blue bathroom in a blue house on Lake Como

      • Category: Holiday home in a resort complex
      • City: Faggeto Lario, Como
      • Realization: 2021
      • Tonalite products used:
        Exanuance Blu 14×16


    Chantal Forzatti, architect & interior designer
    Based in Monza, operating throughout the Brianza and Lake Como area


    Inlab interior laboratory, Milan

  • What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    The clients love blue and wanted a house in which the colour was used in a different way in each room. The idea behind this bathroom was creating flooring in which not only the size but the different hues of the tiles would contribute to the textured effect of the surface.

    Why did you choose Tonalite?

    Because in addition to the hexagonal shape of the Exanuance tile, its colour is not uniform and flat, but offers different hues of the chosen colour.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    We combined the blue floor with neutral hues of grey and white in the walls, ceiling and bathroom furnishings. This underlines the floor by contrast, making it the key to the whole room.


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