A bathroom in Palermo featuring the Aquarel collection

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  • A bathroom in Palermo featuring the Aquarel collection

      • Category: Private home
      • City: Palermo
      • Realization: 2022
      • Tonalite products used:
        Bathroom wall with Exanuance collection


    Studio Novo Hub



    Cicero&Cicero RV ceramiche (Palermo)


    Studio Novo Hub (arch. Carolina D’Angelo)



  • Studio Novo Hub


    What were your goals in the choice of covering (or flooring) materials?

    This surface covering was chosen for the walls of the shower in one of the apartment’s two bathrooms.
    The goal, based on the client’s wishes, was to create a simple, modern, but elegant space.

    Why did you choose Tonalite products?

    This tile was chosen to add a decoration that would give a special touch to a bathroom in which the other surfaces are covered with monochrome tiles in hues of blue and white.

    What colours and combinations did you choose, and how did you use them?

    The Aquarel Decoro Stars 15×15 tile was combined with two 25×60 tiles of a brand other than Tonalite, one blue and the other white. The bathroom cabinet features the same colours.

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