Appartamento a Posillipo

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  • Posillipo Apartment

    • Category: Private house
    • City: Napoli, Quartiere Posillipo
    • Realization: 2019
    • Tonalite products used:
      : Satin bianco 10×30, Trapez pomice/talco/indaco



    Architect Titti Rinaldi


    Igienica meridionale – Napoli


    Architect Titti Rinaldi


  • Architect Titti Rinaldi

    What where your objectives when you chose the materials to be used for your floor or wall coverings?

    This is one of the two bathrooms in the home of a young client, and I wanted to create a modern, dynamic space. The room has no windows, so I chose white as the basic colour on three of the four walls and I characterised, with a design given by the composition of trapezes in three different colours, the back wall of the large shower.

    What made you chose the Tonalite products?

    I chose Tonalite products because they lent themselves well to the idea I had in mind both in terms of type of finish and format.

    What colours and combinations did you chose and how did you use them?

    I used Satin talco 10×30 rectangular tiles on three walls, laid horizontally to give a sense of expansion of the space; on the shower wall, which acts as the backdrop for the room, I created a composition with Trapez tiles, choosing three different colours: pumice/talc/indigo.

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