Privacy Policy

Dear Customer,

Following the coming into force of EU Regulation No. 679/2016, in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of said European Regulation we wish to inform you of the following:

Purposes of the processing:

Your personal data, notified freely and acquired by us in view of the activity carried on by TONALITE SpA, will be processed lawfully and in a correct manner for the following purposes: administrative, accounting, commercial and promotional purposes (including the organisation of events / taking part in trade fairs in which and/or following which it will be possible to take photographs and/or to film sequences showing your brand and your staff taking part in and/or reviewing the event even only mentioning you on our web site, and on our company’s social media, e.g. our facebook page), production and marketing of high quality ceramic tiles.

Your data processed by us will not concern information of a so-called “sensitive” nature (also called special data, Article 9 of EU Regulation 679/2016). They may, on the other hand, concern data of a “judicial nature” (also called special data, Article 10 of EU Regulation 679/2016), only and exclusively in the event of a controversy arising in relation to procedures that could be recorded in criminal records.

It is recalled in this respect that the term sensitive data is understood to mean: “Any personal data capable of revealing your racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs or of any other kind, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organisations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data capable of revealing your state of health, biometric data, genetic data and data capable of revealing your sexual practices”. The term judicial data is understood to mean: “Personal data capable of revealing provisions as referred to in Article 3, sub-section 1, points from a) to o) and from r) to u), of President of the Republic’s Decree No. 313/2002, on the subject of criminal records, of records of administrative penalties resulting from crimes and of the related pending charges, or the quality of an accused or investigated party pursuant to Articles 60 and 61 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure.

Processing procedures:

Your data will be processed, with proper respect for safety and confidentiality, according to the following procedures: direct collection of the data from the Data Subject or by electronic means, such as electronic mail; the data will be collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and used in further processing activities in terms compatible with such purposes; the processing will be carried out with and without the help of electronic and automated instruments.

Legal basis of the processing:

The legal basis of the processing of your personal data is based on a contract initialled by the parties or a job assigned (signed order) or the contract that was signed.

Legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller:

Pursuant to Article 6, the lawfulness of the processing is based on the consent expressed by the Data Subject.

Compulsory or optional nature of the conferral of the data and consequences of a possible refusal to reply:

The nature of the conferral of the data by you is compulsory for the provision of the products requested. In the event of refusal it will be impossible for you to be supplied by us.

Notification of the data to third parties:

Following inspections or checks, your data may be notified (if we are requested to do so) to all inspection bodies charged with carrying out checks and controls relating to compliance with legal requirements.

Your data may also be notified to the companies/professional firms providing activities of assistance and/or consultancy on accounting, administrative, taxation and/or financial matters, and for keeping the accounts, as well as to banks for normal bank transactions.

Retention times:

Your personal data will be kept for 10 (ten) years from the end of the relationship of supply.

Existence of an automated decision-making process:

There is no automated decision-making process; the data are not subjected to profiling.

Personal Data Controller’s intention to transfer data abroad or to an international organisation:

The Data Controller will transfer your personal data only within Europe, in particular to Frankfurt (Germany), since that is where the Sinology C2 data centre used for keeping the company data to be saved (in accordance with the legal provisions concerning the protection of personal data) is located (back-up for recovery in the event of a disaster). The Data Controller may also transfer your data to couriers/carriers, for the delivery of goods ordered by customers located abroad. In such cases foreign carriers may also be used, but they must belong to the European Union (in accordance with the legal provisions in force on the subject of the protection of personal data).

Data Controller and Processor:

The Data Controller is TONALITE SpA, registered address at No. 55 of Via Prampolini, 41124 Modena (province of Modena), in the person of their Legal Representative, e-mail address:

The Data Processor appointed to reply to the Data Subject in the event that the latter wishes to exercise his or her rights is Mr Paolo Pagani, e-mail address:

The Data Subject may at any time exercise the rights to which he or she is entitled according to Article 7, of which the text is set forth in full.

Articles 15-21 of EU Regulation 679/2016 – Right of access to personal data and other rights –

The Data Subject is entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning him or her, even if not yet recorded, and notification thereof in an intelligible form. The Data Subject has the right to obtain an indication of the following: the origin of the personal data; the purposes and manner of the processing; the logic applied in the event of processing carried out with the help of electronic instruments; the ID details of the Data Controller, of the Data Processor and of the Designated Representative in accordance with Article 5, sub-section 2; the parties or of the categories of parties to whom the personal data may be notified or to whose knowledge they may come as designated representative in the State, persons in charge or appointed. The Data Subject has the right to obtain the following: the up-dating, the rectification or, if of interest, the integration of the data; the erasure, the transformation into an anonymous form or the blocking of data that has been unlawfully processed, including those which it is not necessary to keep in connection with the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; the statement that the operations referred to under points a. and b. have been brought to the knowledge, also as far as concerns their contents, of the parties to whom the data have been notified or circulated, except in the event that such a fulfilment is found to be impossible or would entail the use of means obviously out of proportion to the right to be protected. The Data Subject has the right to oppose in full or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the personal data concerning him or her, even if they are pertinent to the purpose of their collection. The Data Subject may also oppose the processing of the personal data concerning him or her for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct sales material or for performing market researches or commercial notices. In particular, the Data Subject may at any time ask the Data Controller for access to the personal data and for rectification or erasure thereof or for limitation of the processing of the data concerning him or her, or may oppose their processing in addition to the right to the portability of the data. The Data Subject has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time without prejudice for the lawfulness of the processing based on his or her consent given prior to said withdrawal, and has the right to submit a complaint to a Supervisory Authority. He or she may exercise their rights by writing to the following e-mail address: A copy of this disclosure document will be kept constantly up to date and will be available to you for consultation on our web site,