New in 2019: Dart

Natural movement of colour and two finishes for plays of light and reflections.

Dart collection by Tonalite is presented with a glossy and matt finish in a 7×28 diamond shape.

dart_ tonalite

The slightly wavy surface gives the product a natural movement of colour that generates plays of light and reflections; the two finishes, glossy and opaque, make it possible to create laying combinations with a high level of scenic effect.

This collection, with its shape and its colours, allows to characterize any environment, from the kitchen to the living room.

The range of glossy colours goes from White to Lava going through the different shades of grey of Ash, Steel and Greige and ends with Bone, Sky and Sage while the matt presents the green of Mint, the blue of Celestial, the white of Snow and the black of Ink.

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