Three laying patterns for your interior design

Laying schemes adapt to enhance rooms and details, Tonalite collections offer great ductility to different design ideas thanks to a wide range of colours, a wide choice of shapes and special pieces. Tonalite allows the material to create unique spaces with a strong personality.

Tonalite products are designed and developed to be the element with which to give shape to creativity, the ceramic element is the means by which designer and project can express themselves beyond the limits of an idea, creating originality.



The Herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles used for floor and wall tilings, so named for a fancied resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring. Because it uses rectangular tiles instead of angled tiles, the pattern will look broken or staggered, so that the resulting look holds its own sort of asymmetrical, eye-catching appeal.

Perfect for this pattern are the collections with clean, essential lines that design and enrich even a plain colour with details.


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Running laying

Laying the planks along vertical lines enhances different areas. The play of contrasts in colours from the same collection or from different inspirations allows you to highlight niches and wings.

The same inspiration can be found in this project.

This installation derives from an original interpretation of brick laying inspired by underground stations, underground tiles have sprung up from underground and made their way into modern bathrooms, kitchens and even public places. The uniformity of the tiles makes them perfect for use in a contemporary environment, as they create a clean, geometric background.
The brick-like installation creates a uniform space with a contemporary design, a timeless style.

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Geometric designs

The plank collections also lend themselves to original and varied poses. Block patterns with different directions or matches between different sizes and shades create original patterns and enhance the walls.

When the laying is done with battens of the same size, it is called basket laying, as in these examples.


Mixing different formats is referred to as combinations.

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