The Cerchio system. An innovative evolution of Cerchio

The “Cerchio System” evolves to become a real modern “skin”, highly valuable from an aesthetic and chromatic point of view and in line with current facade design trends

“Ceramic”  is often considered as a product used exclusively in interior design, thanks to its infinite color and material suggestions: this comes with a lack of consideration for its high aesthetic value as an item that can also be applied as a decorative element for external architectural purposes. The Tonalite challenge is, in fact, to explore the versatility of some products, such as the “Geometry” product line with its “Cerchio” (which means “Circle”) : this element can be used as a tool to achieve new forms of expression in architecture.

While regular  tiles are often designed for interior use, considering exclusively their surface finishing and their immediate laying process, through the “Cerchio” product line,  a new architectural and spatial role is given to ceramic tiles: the “Cerchio” element, combined with a highly engineered system, consisting of a self-supporting structure made of galvanized steel on which the tiles are located, is in fact an object with a strong formal coherence and three-dimensional shape, that allows to create greatly innovative architectural scenes.

The Cerchio system is the product of the cooperation between Tonalite, ARX and Terramilano Engineering srl



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