Choosing the right wall coverings to customise a bed and breakfast

Customisation and attention to detail are the first things that strike us when we look at B&B to look for styling ideas or to book and dream about the next trip out of town.

The choice of colours and surfaces helps to impress the customer and identify spaces. Wallpaper effect walls or bold colours often identify the name of the suites and welcome the visitor with well-defined personalities and styles.

Colour games

In this project for La Serenata Luxury, the designers played with the colours of the Tonalite collections and the decors of the Exabright collection to create cosy and refined spaces.


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Un post condiviso da B&B La Serenata Luxury (@laserenataluxury)


Visualizza questo post su Instagram


Un post condiviso da B&B La Serenata Luxury (@laserenataluxury)

The right combination of tradition and contemporaneity also identifies the project of Civico 50, where Tonalite’s materials have been laid in the bathroom. The size and finish of the collection Crayon recall tradition, reinterpreted in the laying and colour mix of today.

White contrast and tone on tone

White and green identify the style of Railhouse designed by Design Therapy, a project in which the hexagon and white materials of the Examatt and Exabright collections by Tonalite combine with the choice of objects and furnishings.

In a project as elegant and essential as Loraia Design Room white becomes a distinctive element and the design intention was to perceive bedroom and bathroom as a continuous environment. The main floor is made of wood laid in herringbone pattern; it was thus chosen to continue the same texture in the bathrooms.


Design Coatings

The claddings can also come out of the usual uses such as bathroom and kitchen claddings and become real furnishing elements.

This is how the designer of Halo Boutique Hotel in Seville used the decorations from the collection Exabright to create a truly original headboard.



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