News 2021: collection Wabisabi

The Wabisabi collection offers 5×15 cm rectangular tiles available in 14 colours with a shaded matt finish. Inspired by the traditional characteristics of handmade ceramic, each tile is unique in the movement of the surface and in the dimensions. 


Wabisabi depicts an imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty and inspires the concept of this collection, where it is precisely the sinuous surface and the slightly irregular edges that enrich the mood and characteristic of this series.


The laying of each individual piece creates unrepeatable surfaces, just like the inspiration from which it takes its name. The uniqueness comes from the shading of the colours and blends with dimensions and thicknesses that are always different.

The small size lends itself to different laying choices, from the most classic and regular to more unusual solutions for creating patterns and tone-on-tone or contrasting combinations, playing with the many shades present in the collection’s palette.

Discover the new collections on the website dedicated to the new products at Cersaie 2021.

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