The creative use of the joint with ceramics tile

When defining a design, the creative use of the joint can play an important role in the characterisation of the ceramic material: the choice of a tone-on-tone or contrasting color matches and defines the laying and makes the design unique.

Here are some solutions with Tonalite materials.

Color games

In this project by Anna Iuliano_ takes the blue and yellow of the wall and the bathroom cabinet in the joint with 15×15 tiles from the collection Aquarel.

The color green aquamarine of the project ofEutropia Architettura takes up the painting of the wall and draws following the sinuous profile of the tiles of the collection Arabesque. Here you can see the whole project Blue Tought .


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Un post condiviso da Cristina Zanni (@cristinazannidesigner)

In the design of Cristina Zanni Designer has chosen an asymmetrical and wide joint to characterize the laying of the collection Crayon


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Un post condiviso da BrainArch studio (@brainarchstudio)

BrainArch studio took the yellow of the kitchen cabinets to highlight the hexagonal tiles with relief decoration of the collection Exabright


Tone on tone



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Un post condiviso da April and May | Vivian (@vivianhoebe)

Vivian Hoebe uses the same Avocado color as the 10×20 tiles from the Joyful collection in his kitchen


The architect Agnieszka Cupryś-Wilk: in this bathroom backsplash the 7.5×15 Silk tiles are mounted with the vertical interlocking pattern using a dark joint that highlights the shiny and mobile surface of the tiles

Contrasting tones


The red color of the wall paint of this project made by VIP Керамика fills the space between the tiles drawing on the wall and floor the hexagonal shapes of the tiles of the collection Examatt.

The collection Trapez lends itself to design the space using the contrast between the ceramic material and the lines of the joints; in this kitchen Happy Habitat – Sabrina Aureli presents very well the effect.

To find more ideas look at our collections and projects.

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