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Tradition becomes modern – Arabesque satin

Thanks to its satin surface and sinuous structure, and to its warm and cold colour ranges, all of which are rich and intense, our Arabesque Satin line of tiles, all inspired by tradition, are easily employed as a retrò feature in modern home designs.

Arabesque Satin offers an infinite range of laying possibilities: you may play with patterns obtained by combining different colours, you may form motivs that can be used in many a way, or you may obtain a variety of more complex effects, only limited by your immagination. This is possible also thanks to the fact that Arabesque Satin is part of our T System, a complete modular design solution composed of 7 different tile collections that may be used simultaneously.

About the above and much more was discussed in the April issue of Arketipo, one of the most influential two-monthly architecture magazines. You may find the article “La tradizionalità diventa moderna” (Tradition becomes modern), on page 137 of the April 2016 issue.

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