Ceramic for commercial spaces

If you are looking for a material for the floors and walls in your home, ceramic is the perfect choice.

Ceramic is hygienic

Ceramic is a hygienic, odourless material that is easy to clean.

Ceramic is an age-old yet utterly modern material that for centuries has stood as a guarantee of hygiene. It has been used by mankind since antiquity for eating, for mixing water and wine, and as a water receptacle for washing and personal hygiene.

Thanks to today’s advances in technological innovation and materials engineering, ceramic has undergone further improvements in its chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics.

Although we tend to take the hygienic qualities of ceramic for granted, its easily-washable surfaces are an important part of our everyday lives, guaranteeing cleanliness and hygiene at all times.


Ceramic is stable

A ceramic floor is practical, stable and easy to install in any location.

A ceramic floor is practical, stable and easy to install in shops, restaurants, offices and any other location. Ceramic is a practical material for interiors and exteriors in public and private spaces. If correctly installed in accordance with European standards, a ceramic tiled floor has outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities and lasts forever.

Tonalite and ceramica.info

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