Ceramic is durable and scratch resistant

Some floors are durable and resistant to wear and tear… as long as they are replaced frequently. But ceramic does not contain plastic and is highly durable.

How often, when looking at a floor against the light, have you noticed marks, scratches or small holes – perhaps caused by sharp heels or furniture – resulting in irreversible damage and giving the surface an old, worn look? And how often have you thought that the only way of solving this is to replace the floor? With a ceramic floor none of this happens because it is one of the most durable of all materials. When a ceramic floor is replaced, it is not normally because it is worn out but simply because the owner has found a floor he or she likes more or is more in line with his or her lifestyle.

Ceramic is durable and scratch resistant

But Ceramic… is a safe choice

Unlike some flooring materials that are healthy and durable as long as strict instructions for use and maintenance are followed, ceramic is intrinsically hygienic and hard wearing.

Ceramic does not contain plastic, it is fire resistant and it does not give off toxic fumes. It does not expand, deteriorate or favour the proliferation of fungi, mould or bacteria and it is recyclable. When properly installed, it guarantees long-lasting stability and hygiene of floors, walls, worktops and surfaces in every room of the house or workplace.

Tonalite and ceramica.info

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