Ceramic is stable and hygienic

Professional ceramic tile installation ensures long-term stability, hygiene and beauty of floors and walls.

When properly installed using dedicated adhesives, ceramic tiles bond firmly to the underlying screed. This may seem a minor detail, but it has many important consequences, including economic aspects. A well laid tiled floor is stable and reduces the risk of tripping, it is long lasting and does not need to be replaced frequently due to lifting or deterioration, and its beauty remains intact for many years.

Ceramic is stable and hygienic

But Ceramic… is a safe choice

Unlike some flooring materials that are healthy and durable as long as strict instructions for use and maintenance are followed, ceramic is intrinsically hygienic and hard wearing.

Ceramic does not contain plastic, it is fire resistant and it does not give off toxic fumes. It does not expand, deteriorate or favour the proliferation of fungi, mould or bacteria and it is recyclable. When properly installed, it guarantees long-lasting stability and hygiene of floors, walls, worktops and surfaces in every room of the house or workplace.

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