Ceramic is recyclable

Some floors are recyclable… as long as the layers they are made of are separated one by one. But ceramic does not contain plastic and is homogeneous and recyclable.

Collecting waste materials and sending them to recycle centres so that they can be given a new lease of life is one of the most urgent needs of our society, which uses too many raw materials and often releases waste directly into the environment.

Ceramic is an inert material composed of natural elements such as clay and water, and can be easily recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle.

Ceramic is recyclable

But Ceramic… is a safe choice

Unlike some flooring materials that are healthy and durable as long as strict instructions for use and maintenance are followed, ceramic is intrinsically hygienic and hard wearing.

Ceramic does not contain plastic, it is fire resistant and it does not give off toxic fumes. It does not expand, deteriorate or favour the proliferation of fungi, mould or bacteria and it is recyclable. When properly installed, it guarantees long-lasting stability and hygiene of floors, walls, worktops and surfaces in every room of the house or workplace.

Tonalite and ceramica.info

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