Glossy/matt combinations

Not just textures, colours and sizes: ceramics are also about the effects of light on surfaces. Along with its three-dimensional qualities, the reflective qualities of tiles make an essential contribution to the its look.


A matt surface tends to absorb light, so that what stands out is colour and graphic texture. While a glossy surface can, under particular lighting conditions, create a very special shine that eclipses colour and texture, adding vivacity and dynamism. Creatively combining these two finishes can be a particularly refined aesthetic choice producing a great variety of results.


Many of our collections permit different laying solutions, including combinations of different series in the same size. Creativity underlines the style of the particular features of the space.


Discover different surfaces in Tonalite collection

Here are some of our collections, with practical examples of application, simple sources of inspiration to add character to your home or underline the personality of a public place.


Silk comes in 11 warm earthy hues with a glossy finish, 10 of which are also available with a matt finish in the Satin collection. It is only natural for designers to combine the two finishes in the same or different colours, as is the case of the Dart collection, which includes 8 glossy colours, 7 of which are also available with a matt finish.



Trapez Glossy and Trapez Matt are twin collections immediately recognisable for the originality of their shape [future link to article]. The colours of one collection are repeated in the other to create two different surfaces, while their shape is an invitation to mix different colours, multiplying their creative potential.



Arabesque Silk and Arabesque Satin are collections with an exotic Arabian touch, perfect for sophisticated rhythms and laying schemes alternating glossy and matt surfaces in a variety of ways.



The lozenge is the key to the style of the Arrow collection: 7 glossy hues and 9 matt colours to choose from, to create lively combinations of colours and finishes.

Linea 40 is a collection available in two different shapes that go together perfectly: two rectangles with the same basic length, 40 cm, as suggested by the name of the collection. While glossy and matt surfaces can be alternated in the same colour and/or size, combining the two sizes in the same laying scheme suggests an alternative criterion.


Of the 8 colours in the Oblique collection, Black and White also come in matt versions (Talc and Lava). But what makes this series truly unusual is the 3D look of the square tiles. The inclined plane constituting most of their surface reflects light in different ways depending on how the single tile is angled, a feature that can be exploited by combining glossy and matt tiles in black or white laying schemes.

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