The shades of summer 2022 – Part II

In the first part of this post, we looked at five of the ten colours identified as being the big trends of summer of 2022 by the influential Pantone Color Institute. As we have already seen, a bouquet of light and reassuring pastel shades is in store, with some displaying a more intense and more full-bodied character. For the five shades covered in this second post, we once again pulled a number of spaces from our catalogue that anticipate the colour trends revealed by the Pantone Color Institute in the choice of ceramic coverings or in certain interior design details.


Bubblegum is still pink, but of a completely different character than Potpourri: playful and captivating, imbued with a hint of fun and light-heartedness. A vibrant tone, this particular shade of pink is perfect for giving a burst of energy to spaces dominated by white, ivory and rope.

Sudan Brown

Sudan Brown is a warm, earthy brown which, in part, evokes an early autumn mood. A brick colour that veers towards cinnamon tones, perfectly paired with woods, rope, white and beige.

Fragile Sprout

This bright and eccentric nuance is ideal for emphasising a few and well-balanced details, contrasted with more traditional colours, from beige to brick red. An acid green with a hint of yellow and characterised by an irrepressible vitality which, however, can be quite invasive.

Orchid Bloom

Orchid Bloom is a pastel lilac hue which, while also perfect for summer, instantly evokes spring floral backdrops. An extremely versatile shade, given its lightness, which can express itself perfectly in a detail or on entire walls. Despite its brightness, it does not lose its character next to white and can bring to life modern and refined combinations paired, among others, with mustard and coral.

Coffee Quartz

A medium-intensity brown that is timeless and elegant, tending more towards cold rather than warm hues. Perfect in combination with all earthy tones — from black to gold — Coffee Quartz evokes coffee beans or milk chocolate.

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