The shades of summer 2022 – Part One

Summer is just around the corner and the long June days fill the house with light, making the interior colours come to life and vibrate with energy. Let’s take a look together at ten shades which, over the next few months, will characterise different types of contexts, from fashion to interior design, from graphics to hi-tech accessories.

Of course, it is the influential Pantone Color Institute confirming their particularly trendy nature: a bouquet of light and reassuring pastel shades that inspire spontaneity and optimism.

As you can already see from the five nuances covered in this first post, there is something for everyone. You will also notice that all these colours are, in some way or another, already present in our catalogue.


A crystal clear and refreshing turquoise that evokes dream-like seabeds. Cascade is perfect for modern spaces built on the elegance of a black and white contrast, but is also ideal combined with natural – and preferably dark – wood shades.


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Cascade focuses on accessories and small details, which quickly acquire a touch of glamour.

Coral Rose

A vivid floral shade imbued with positivity, not too sweet and capable of offering relief and infusing energy.
Perfect to combine with greys, beiges and cream tones, Coral Rose is an orangish coral that seems suspended between ancient and modern.

Super Sonic

Likely the name is inspired by the famous supersonic hedgehog of the popular and long-lived video game saga, which recently also arrived in cinemas. A vibrant electric blue that goes well with ivory, cream and the shade of white typical of natural linen. Dose it carefully and, in turn, it can accommodate orange accents, a perfectly complementary shade.


A very pale yellow, imbued by a brightness that renders it light, yet not devoid of personality. Capable of instilling a calm and positive mood, Popcorn radiates a warmth that immediately evokes the summer season. In addition, it is an extremely versatile nuance, perfect for any space and style.


A light pastel pink, fresh, elegant and youthful. It goes well with grey, both dark and light, mustard yellow, mint green and light wood shades.

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