Create your own style: 3 tips for customizing your bed and breakfast coverings

Customizing the coverings of your bed and breakfast is an opportunity to express your personality and create a unique and unforgettable environment for guests. Pay attention to detail and ensure that the elements you choose blend harmoniously to provide an extraordinary and comfortable guest experience.

Theme and Style

Choose a consistent theme or design style for the entire bed and breakfast. You could opt for rustic, modern, shabby chic, or classic, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. Make sure the theme is reflected in the upholstery, furnishings, and decorative details.

In the ecob&b Dimora Manfredo Luxury, the owners wanted to create spaces that spoke of the sea, the land and had the colors of nature.The choice was made together and the warm colors of the Exanuance and Arabesque tiles enabled the result achieved. Original chromes and then the hexagonal shape I find fun in the lace effect that is created.

Attractive Colors

Select a color palette that harmonizes with the theme and style of the bed and breakfast. Colors can affect the mood of guests, so choose shades that are relaxing and welcoming. You can use bright colors to give a personal touch or neutral colors for a more elegant look.

In the design of Corso 38 in Sorrento Sofia and Noah and their three daughters, Imma, Francesca and Federica, who, true to Sorrento’s tourism tradition, decided to turn their home into a Bed & Breakfast.

Their goal was to create environments that would meet the different needs of Corso38’s clients, that would please those who have strong tastes and prefer warmer, stronger tones, but also those who have more delicate and refined tastes and prefer soft, pastel colors instead.


Room Customization

Even if you have an overall theme for the entire bed and breakfast, make each room unique with small customization details. You can play with different combinations of colors, patterns and accessories to give each room a distinctive character.

An example can be found in the exclusive B&B La Serenata Luxury. Here are some pictures of its beautiful rooms.



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Un post condiviso da B&B La Serenata Luxury (@laserenataluxury)



Visualizza questo post su Instagram


Un post condiviso da B&B La Serenata Luxury (@laserenataluxury)


We will tell you more about this project in the coming weeks.


Remember that customizing your coverings can make a difference in your guests’ experience and help build a positive reputation for your bed and breakfast.

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