Coverings 2022. New collections

Natural tones and a traditional ceramic quality: the protagonists of the collections presented by Tonalite in the 2022 edition of Coverings.

Tonalite’s choices reflect the company’s propensity for authenticity and character. A range of colours and sizes come together to enhance the style of any space and place.

The brand new Shibusa and Senren collections come in the versatile 5x15cm size.



In the Shibusa series, Tonalite offers a palette of 16 colours in a single size, 5×15 cm. Simple, unostentatious beauty is enriched with elegant, refined colours. Clean, simple lines and a flat matt surface give the tile a contemporary minimalist look.


The Senren collection includes rectangular 5×15 cm tiles in 14 colours with a graduated glossy finish. A tile in refined taste permitting a variety of laying solutions.


The Wabisabi collection offers 5×15 cm rectangular tiles available in 15 colours with a shaded matt finish. Inspired by the traditional characteristics of handmade ceramic, each tile is unique in the movement of the surface and in the dimensions.
Wabisabi depicts an imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty and inspires the concept of this collection, where it is precisely the sinuous surface and the slightly irregular edges that enrich the beauty and imperfections characteristic of this series.


The Safari collection is inspired by the distant beauty of exotic places. The collection is available in a single rectangular 7×28 cm size and a mix of colours suggestive of a wild and uncontaminated nature. Free spirits who love infinite horizons, breathtaking landscapes and majestic animals will find the perfect inspirations for their design idea in this collection.
The matt finish available in 7 different shades offers the freedom to create wonderful graphic and chromatic variations: each piece is unique and exclusive.


Foliage recalls the colours of vivid autumn forest landscapes, in a product characterised by an artisanal quality. As the seasons change, trees fascinate us with their prismatic shades: red and brown in autumn, white in winter, green in spring.
These shades breathe life into a collection of 6×25 cm size tiles available in 6 colours with a glossy finish reminiscent of tree trunks, fallen leaves and mossy rocks, a perfect range of nuances to enhance the design of private and commercial spaces.


The Micronesia collection draws inspiration from the startling blue in which the islands of French Polynesia are immersed and the pristine green of uncontaminated nature, available in a single 10×40 cm size in 5 colours.
Shades that come together to offer unique and unexpected combinations of nuances.
The glossy finish catches the deep reflections of the ocean, ready to play with each other.


The Summery collection is defined by the playful shades of summer, 12 colours available in the 6×25 cm size.
The polished and irregular finish of the tiles captures the reflections of sunny days, with a wide range of colours perfect for tone-on-tone compositions or play of contrasts.

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