Four trend colours for 2024

We ended 2023 by analysing the design trends predicted for 2024. Now that the new year has begun, we look at the four other colours selected by AD.

To satisfy both the refined taste of the end consumer and the needs of architects, we explore the potential of four key colours: light blue, deep blue, pale pink and raspberry red.


Light blue: freshness and tranquillity


Light blue, in terms of ceramic tiles, adds a dimension of freshness and serenity to your environments. Shades of blue can be cleverly integrated into wall tiles, creating walls that evoke the calmness of an open sky. This colour goes beautifully with neutral floors, creating a harmonious balance, perfect for those seeking a calm and modern retreat.

Discover it in the Kraklé, Joyful, Lingotti, Shibusa, Senren, Wabisabi, Nuance, Elevenuance and Dart collection.

Deep Blue: elegance and sophistication

Deep blue tiles embody timeless elegance and offer a sophisticated option for those who love luxury and style. Whether used in bathrooms, kitchens or living spaces, deep blue catches the eye and creates a feeling of depth.

Shades of blue are a constant note in Tonalite’s latest collections and can be found in the classic Lingotti, the Aquarel decors or the Nuance, Exanuance, Hexalingotti, Mohair, Senren and Wabisabi shades.


Pale Rose: a touch of style and sweetness

Pale pink, in ceramic tiles, offers unparalleled softness and sophistication. Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, this colour lends a delicate touch without being overdone. The light shades of pink adapt well to a variety of styles, creating a cosy, modern space. Architects will appreciate the versatility of this colour in creating customised environments.

The latest collections Mohair, Senren, Wabisabi and the classics Crayon and Fluid offer multiple design cues.

Here we also find some affinity with the Pantone colour 2024, which we have discussed here.


Raspberry Red: vitality and character


Raspberry red, applied on ceramic tiles, introduces a charge of vitality and passion into your space. Ideal for focal points such as eye-catching walls or backsplashes in kitchens, raspberry red adds a splash of colour without compromising elegance. Architects will find this colour useful for creating lively and dynamic contrasts.

Discover it in the colours of the Joyful, Paintboard and Diamante collection.


Choose your favourite colour for 2024

In the world of ceramic wall tiles, experimenting with light blue, deep blue, pale pink and raspberry red can transform your spaces into unique and modern experiences. The choice of tile colour is not only functional, but also represents an opportunity for creative expression. Whether you are an architect looking for innovative solutions or an end consumer eager to breathe new life into your home, 2024 offers a broad spectrum of colour options for all tastes.

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