Tile grout colours. Strategies for enhancing interior design

The choice of colour for tile joints is an important aspect of interior design. It has the power to significantly influence the look and feel of a space. In this article, we will explore different strategies to select joint colours effectively and enhance the overall interior design.

Choose style and design

First, it is crucial to assess the overall style of the room and the overall design. Joints can be used to accentuate or soften the design of wall tiles, helping to create a more subtle transitional effect or a bold, contemporary contrast.

Take a look at these three examples of realisations with our products: a tone-on-tone joint, a contrasting floor joint and a coloured choice that plays with the other surfaces. Each project shows a unique style and character.

Play with the size of the joints

The size of the joints is another key element to consider. Thin joints tend to blend in with the tiles, creating a homogenous look, while thicker joints can add detail and texture.

Exploring different sizes of joints can add variety and interest to the overall design.


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Contrasting joints

Opting for contrasting grout lines, such as white or light grey, can create a bold transitional effect between the tiles, creating a distinct geometric design pattern.

This choice is particularly effective for projects requiring a modern, minimalist aesthetic, even opting for contrasting tones.

Coloured joints

Personality and liveliness to the design are the possibilities offered by the choice of coloured joints. Bold or unusual colours can create a significant visual impact and allow you to express your creativity in the room.

The use of coloured joints is ideal for projects that require a distinctive and individual touch.


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Choosing the colour of tile joints is a process that requires attention to detail and consideration of the overall project context. If you want to create spaces that reflect your unique taste and style, browse through our collections.

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