Ceramic. A safe choice.

Why choose ceramic?

Did you know that ceramic is a safe and completely recyclable material?
It’s hygienic, hypoallergenic and odourless, it does not release harmful substances and it’s ideal for any application.

Ceramic is long-lasting

Ceramic is a supremely durable material that does not age, and the fact that it is easy to clean also helps prevent wear. This is why a ceramic floor is practically eternal and always looks as good as new.


Ceramic does not burn

An uncontrolled fire has two devastating effects: it destroys everything it encounters and releases smoke and toxic substances generated by the combustion process.

Ceramic is one of the few materials that does not burn or release substances of any kind even when it comes into contact with a naked flame.

It is an inert, fireproof material made from sand and clay, which undergo a thermal firing process at 1250°C to create a material with exceptional mechanical strength, chemical resistance and durability.


Ceramic does not change shape

Ceramic does not deform or freeze and is unaffected by variations in temperature. It withstands even the most aggressive chemical detergents and can be used for any application, including exterior building façades where it improves aesthetic quality and ensures thermal insulation and protection from the elements. A ceramic floor is hard-wearing and durable and is the ideal choice for home renovation projects.


Ceramic respects the environment and our health

If you are looking for a sustainable material for covering the floors, walls and bathroom and kitchen countertops in your home, then ceramic is the perfect choice. Made from natural raw materials using low environmental-impact production processes, ceramic products are eco-friendly in terms of their intrinsic characteristics and intended uses.


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