A feel of the 20’s

The flavour of tradition: the vintage charm of La Buvette bar & bistro.

Designing a welcoming, relaxing, brightly lit space that is both traditional and modern. .

La Buvette is a bar and bistro built in 1920s style in central Rome. Architect Francesco Zarbano designed the bistro to look like a passageway or waiting room in an early twentieth-century railway station, complete with green sofas, wooden benches and hat-racks, an oak bar with a Carrara marble counter, and vintage glass and brass bar accessories. La Buvette charms visitors with its refined vintage style and sophisticated international atmosphere.

Tonalite’s vast range of colours and special pieces turned out to be perfect for expressing this architectural concept. The architect chose piastrelle silk lucide in parchment hues for the project, with green strips and Burgundy decorated tiles.

One of the project’s outstanding features is quality of the materials used. The green strip and the decorated tile were custom-designed for the project by Tonalite, in a partnership made possible by the company’s advanced production methods, offering the perfect solution for implementation of the project.

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