Decorating with hexagons

Hexagonal tiles are ideal for design combining tradition and modernity. This shape is offered in Tonalite collections in various sizes, colours and decorations.

Discover the Examatt, Exabright and Geomat collections here.

Hexagonal tiles are perfect for every area of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and living room. This motif, which gives character and volume to spaces, can be used for floors and coverings to enhance any space.

The Tonalite range offers a wide assortment of hexagons in full colour or with decorations.

Hexagons are great for a range of projects, both for private and commercial spaces, and the Tonalite range has a myriad of full colours, as well as material effects and decorated versions.

Single colours are especially suitable for striking graphic compositions, bringing personality and a great deal of visual impact to enhance spaces both large and small.

A creative suggestion: hexagonal wall tiles can be laid not right up to the ceiling, leaving space for a pleasant and original regular, geometric motif.

The same material can be used for different styles, in this case Exabright decorations create the perfect motif to enhance a bed head, bring personality to an ice cream shop counter or brighten a corner of the home.



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Projects with our hexagons

Many architects who have chosen our products have created projects with hexagons, see them all here.

This is a gallery of inspiration.

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