Cersaie 2023: new collections

Nine new collections, five sizes and more than 100 different hues, in an extraordinary explosion of colour and creativity. 

At Cersaie 2023, Tonalite explores new finishes and reliefs, decorative textures and geometries, with a thousand ideas and solutions ready to be moulded by the design concepts of architects and interior designers.





A textured structure, a single size, 15×15 / 6”x6”, and a range of thirteen colours are the qualities shared by the two new Colorstone and Rainbow collections

Colour interprets a natural material inspired by slate in unexpected ways, as the graphics of its texture interact with the glaze to add depth to colour.


The thirteen colours in the Colorstone collection feature a satiny finish. Variations in the graphics of their texture are underlined on their surfaces, making them more like the material that inspires them. The flavour of coloured slate offers various forms of inspiration in application.


The Rainbow series interprets the material with a glossy finish. The high gloss of the colour ensures that the glaze underlines variations in hue, a feature that can be emphasised by the laying scheme to create truly unique surfaces. 



A collection with a glossy finish, in which the glazing evokes traditional Italian majolica. Fourteen colours and a slightly wavy surface, in which bell application of glaze permits uneven distribution of colour, generating special effects of light and reflections.

The ceramic tiles in the collection pay tribute to the fluidity, transparency and vivacity of watercolour paintings. 



The Murano collection is inspired by wave motion in the sea. A textured structure is combined with a glossy surface to create a unique effect. Available in a single size, 15×15 / 6”x6”, in nine colours with a single background and pattern. 

Every single tile represents a snapshot of the continually changing colour palette of the sea. The colours of the ocean and the beauty of the pattern make this collection perfect for decorating all kinds of spaces in the home and giving retail spaces a distinctive flavour.



The colours in the Archicolors collection are flat, but never quite even: nineteen colours offering innovative chromatic effects, a selection of hues in three different colours, making the collection perfect for architects’ and designers’ custom projects. 

The perfect flat surface, available in a single size, 15 x 15, with a matt finish, is perfect for covering both floors and walls.



Twelve glossy and three matt hues form this innovative collection, featuring an element in relief in the 10x30cm/4”x12” size, perfect for a variety of different horizontal and vertical laying schemes. 

Its unique size makes this is a collection of Kit Kat tiles. The strips may be installed in a variety of different laying schemes to create customised visual effects, such as diagonal motifs or artistic forms of misalignment. Simple design with a bold presence, underlining the three-dimensional qualities of the ceramic material.

The colours permit creation of boldly contrasting or delicate tone-on-tone colour combinations.



Three combinable sizes, 7 glossy colours and 2 matt hues characterise a series inspired by handmade lava tiles. Their outstanding feature is the luminous gloss of the material, made of porcelain with a refined glossy sheen. 

The colours are inspired by natural hues, in line with the latest trends in interior design. Square and rectangular tiles measuring 5.7×11.5cm/2.2’’x4.52’’, 11.5×11.5cm/4.52’’x4.52’’ and 5.7×23.2cm/2.2’’x9.13’’ can also be laid in combination to create unique and highly original patterns.


The Labyrinth series presents a versatile 15×15 cm/6”x6” tile available with four background colours and four patterns, Line, Flat, Dot and Corner. The patterns can be mixed and matched to customise surfaces with highly original graphics.


Coordinated patterns of vintage inspiration, reinterpreted with a stylised contemporary twist, characterise the Fabric collection in the highly versatile 15×15cm/6”x6” size. The five background colours can be combined with one another or with the four available patterns, Cross, Flat, Fringe and Corner. The geometric effect of the patterns can also be used alone to create geometric motifs and frames.


Find out the details of all the collections in the catalog and on the dedicated minisite.

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