Tonalite in Singapore with “THE ITALIAN HOSPITALITY”

“THE ITALIAN HOSPITALITY” by Giulio Cappellini

International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), 8–11 March 2018

Tonalite, a company with no compromise: “Made in Italy with Passion” is the phrase we find on covers of collections catalogues of Tonalite SpA, a market entirely Italian, which has produced ceramic floors and coating for two generations.


The entire productive chain is focused on the high quality of the final product, disregarding the cost, of the technical difficulties, of the skilful craftsmanship necessity: the final piece needs to perfectly reflects the basic idea, the project concept and the suitable material and colours finishing.

With a strong desire of perpetual international growth, Tonalite will be among companies participating to the second edition of “The Italian Hospitality”, a Giulio Cappellini’s project. It will come to life during the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS), international and exhibition platform of the design sector in Asia. In the exhibition space, Tonalite will be there with its iconic product “Cerchio” and an iconic collection, Joyful.

The “Sistema Cerchio” turns into a proper contemporary “skin”, very esthetic and chromatic, in accordance with the current trends of facade projects.

The ceramic is often considered as an interior element, exploring the infinity of chromatic and material possibilities without taking into account the important esthetic value of that decorative element for exterior architectural purpose. In fact, Tonalite challenge is exploring the versatility of every product, like for the Geometria collection and Cerchio, which allows to create innovative architectural set with the support of the engineering of an autonomous supporting structure capable of welcome any element.