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Design-oriented culture

Tonalite’s products have been designed to be a medium by which creativity can come to life.

The Tonalite products have been conceived with in mind a wide range of colours and with a complementary and versatile variety of shapes and special trims. This enhances Tonalite’s design-oriented culture in which matter is seen as a mean to reinvent space.

Ceramic is the element that allows the designer to overcome the limits of a concept, creating an original project.

The value of craftsmanship

Evolution is our keyword. A company that started out with a passion for preserving the value of craftsmanship and has grown into a well-established brand with its sales network, keeping up with the latest advances in technology and design. Tonalite is your partner in ceramics.

Experience and dependability


  • Experience


    Tonalite grew out of one family’s dedication, and is renewed year after year with new experiments and new designs while maintaining its traditional handcrafted production.

  • World-wide presence

    47 countries

    The Tonalite style is recognised all over the world: we serve 47 countries on 4 continents, bringing the world all the passion and tradition of Italian ceramics.

  • Contact network

    4000 clients

    Our clientele and our partnerships are growing every year thanks to our products’ value and design and the work of our sales network.

  • Product range

    44 collections

    Colours and shapes come together to underline the style of any place and time. Tonalite is a choice reflecting authenticity and character.

  • Variety

    34 sizes

    Tonalite collections come in several different sizes. Shapes underline different decorating styles.

  • Shapes


    Tonalite loves geometry, and the company’s collections include plenty of different shapes to suit all kinds of designs.


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